My Sister and I Usually Travel Together …



Not Afraid to Ride


To get to school, work, home & back, I rely heavily on public buses. I am not ashamed to use public transportation as I believe it is inexpensive, and for the most part, totally reliable. However, I am deeply afraid of standing alone on bus stops and taking the bus (mostly at night) for various reasons:

* I’ve been sexually harassed on numerous occasions since I was 16

* While on a bus, a creep forcibly took my phone out of my hands and texted his phone so that he could have my number

* I’ve been whistled at and brushed up against

* I’ve been followed walking off a bus by a group of guys more than once

I need the buses to get to work/school; however, I don’t need to feel unsafe a deal of the time.

Are there other women that have experienced harassment/assault/ intimidation or other stems of violence while on public transportation (or even getting on/boarding off?)

Has anyone seen this happen to someone else?